Sunday, April 23, 2017


Sweet Surrender flimsy is finished! and ready to be a sandwich to be quilted.  The name of this quilt is not yet finalized-it will be "The Song of ???" or "Music of???".  Maybe "Singing of Spring".  The background is like a music staff with whole notes and the vines look like music.  

Commonly, this quilt is made with red at the bottoms of the pieced triangles.  My motif or mood ideas using green/teal instead was to encourage the feel of growing things in spring.  You can even look at the pieced triangles as abstract flowers with growing from a green base.  The green/teal was intended as a grounding basis for all the colors.

So you can have a closer look, here are the four corners.

I washed the flimsy to remove glue and markings.  I was worried about bleeding with all this brightly colored fabric.  Fortunately, only one item bled and that was the purple/turquoise circle in the lower left corner which bled a bluish color.  It is a small bled so I think I will just remove that circle and stitch down a larger one which covers the bleed.

You can see that most the dots are actually flowers cut from Kaffe Fasset fabric. So the vines have leaves and flowers growing on them.

I have ordered the white batting and already have the backing so I am very happy about the progress of this quilt which I now love in a way I never thought I would given the trouble, headaches, and misery it has caused me.


I have also been quilting Chuck, Susan, and Me this week.  This is a relaxing occupation and fun thinking up quilting patterns to use.  Since each block is 6 inches square and some are densely appliqued, only a simple outline of the motifs is necessary.  With some of the blocks one can have more fun.  Here are some samples:

If you looks at this last one, you will see I quilted in some invisible flowers on one and grasses on the other. 

This quilt is quilted in 4 sections plus the border.  I did this to have ease in complicated quilting.  One thing I have learned is to leave the outer blocks, that is the ones which will connect to other blocks, unquilted.  Otherwise joining the pieces together will be a major nightmare.

I am back to feeling my old perky, pesky self.  I miss me when I'm gone.  Thank you my readers for your kind regards and wishes for my good health.


I love fun fashion and these two dresses are petal perfect!

The dresses were designed by New Zealand artist Jenny Gellies.

That's all for this week.  Happy quilting until we met again!

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Sunday, April 16, 2017


I don't know why surgery on the second eye would be more exhausting than the first but it was.  I had to lay out for a few days and consequentially did not finish my leaves and flowers for SS border.  I did manage to do a bit of on line shopping. One always feels a bit at loose ends when a major project is finishing even though I have several projects lined up.  Here is my new pattern and fabric:

I can already see I will need to change it up as the size is really to small for really snuggling in and getting warm.  I ordered extra background so I have some to play with.

Have you made any plans for the great eclipse of August 21?  We are lucky enough to live very close to the most optimal pathway.  Here is a map showing the path of the eclipse:

If we go about 40 miles north we will be in the "path of totality" and the world will be dark as night for a couple minutes.  (There is also a nice quilt shop in this town)! Apparently this is a very rare astronomical event the next one concurring for us in about 500 years.  We are going to take a picnic and make a nice day of it.

AND NOW .....

This is an amazing spot near Salzburg, Austria in the Salzkammergut mountains.  You can take an old fashioned train to this summit which is 1783 meters or 5850 feet high.  The ride lasts about 35 minutes and, from the photos of the trip, looks like there are some hair-raising moments on the side of steep cliffs.  When you reach the top, you have a 360 degree view of the Alps and several lakes lying below you.  The sweet little house is a guest house.

I entered Salzmammergut into google translate as German is always interesting in how they construct one word out of several.  Google translates this as "salt chamber good".  I can see "salt" as these are white limestone mountains.  "Good"  also applies.  But "chambers"?  I know the limestone in Missouri is riddled with caves so maybe that is what is implied by "chambers".  Please, any German speakers set me straight.  

Update Monday 4-17...I received a very informative email from Bonnie reminding me of the movie Monument Men in which Allied troops hid precious works of art in the salt caves around Salzburg.  So that answers 2 questions:  Salz is for salt and not just for the white of limestones, and kammer does mean chambers or caves ergo: good salt chambers!  Love it when a mystery is solved though I could have googled Salzburg and found the answer for my lazy self.

Thats all for today.  I am beginning to pick up my strength and energy which I really miss so maybe next week will be better.  I hope you have a nice Easter and good week.

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Sunday, April 9, 2017


I don't know about you but I am awfully tired of showing my current project so instead of 
Sweetly Surrendering to that path, I have decided to show you a quilt I finished a few years ago.

This quilt is from a Pearl Pereira pattern called Pearl's Garden. The border is my design-I wanted to add a lattice look to the garden-as well as the beehive.  The pattern had a lot of intricate applique work with thin curvy stems and leaves as well as some reverse applique.  I used batiks as these have a painterly look with a lot of color variation.  One difficult part was 4 blocks composed mainly of green. A lot of searching was necessary to find contrasting and complimentary greens.  Below are some detail shots.

This Garden quilt was fun to make with the challenging applique, the embroidery, and the lettering. The quilt measures about 40x50 inches.


I spent the week on the borders of Sweet Surrender.   Lots of new leaves etc were made and right now the elements are just pinned together.  I will probably make some changes but hope to have all appliqued pieces sown this week.  So here is a peek to give you an idea of the direction this quilt is taking.

We had a hellacious storm last week.  It knocked down some limbs from the trees and I found this along with the other fallen limbs.
 The holes were made by woodpeckers.  The holes go in about 3 inches and then turn upwards.  I am going to make a birdfeeder out of this log by filling the holes with gooey birdfeed made of lard, seeds, raisins, cranberries etc.  This mixture gets stuffed into the holes for the birds which climb the sides of trees like woodpeckers and nuthatches.  The log is a bit fragile so maybe I will mount it on a 1x4 to stabilize it and provide a secure way to hang the log.

AND NOW.....

A 650 foot tunnel in Shenyang, China covered in living lavender to provide a lovely, harmonious, and delightfully fragrant escape from the everyday.

Happy quilting!

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Sunday, April 2, 2017


All my quilts take a long time to make but this one was frustrating with so much work and time put into making the diamonds and triangles.  I love applique so that part has been a pleasure.

I have been rethinking the binding.  My current thinking is based on an idea from another quilt I made where the fabric in the applique was used in the border.  My plan would create the same multicolored striped effect as in the sample below:

  All three of the narrow borders are made from 1.5 inch squares.  This might be effective as binding.  It is not hard to make: sew long strips of 1.5 inch fabrics together until you have one large striped pieced and then cut 1.5 in the other direction if you see what I mean.

My eye continues to heal nicely and the pure color seen in my right eye is spectacular to behold.  Left eye gets a re-hab on April 12.  This is a nice time of the year to get new eyes are spring has arrived with all it's spring colors: new-born greens,  yellows of daffodils and forsythia, fuchsia of the redbud trees, pinks of the japonica, and other beautiful easter colors.

AND NOW .........

Since I do not have a lot to say for myself this week, I thought some fun images would be in order.  As we walk through parks or down streets, there are lots of benches to sit on, to rest and look around.  How much better the experience if the benches were like these:

To delight the eye and the imagination!


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Sunday, March 26, 2017



Then I will work on leaves and some dots-I don't think too many are needed-just enough to make it interesting.  And then the quilting.  I choose this fabric for the backing:

The circles are 1 to 1.5 inches in diameter.  It is a fun fabric and will mix nicely with the quilt given the black and white background and modern look.  I searched high and low for a white with a black scroll look but could not find it in a wide backing.  I felt an unseamed piece of fabric would be best for this quilt.  Given this quilt's tendencies toward bias and waffles, I wanted as much stability as possible and a solid piece of fabric seemed to fit.

There is not a lot to say about this quilt that I haven't said before so I am going to move on to:


Cataract surgery is a modern miracle!  I was in and out in an hour so it was fast also!  My husband puts eye drops in my eye 4 times a day and that is the only inconvenience.  

The most interesting thing is the difference between my two eyes.  Through the left eye, I see a world colored with a yellow glow.  There is no pure white with this eye but only a pale creamy color to stand in for white.  Vision is rather like watching a sepia toned movie but with yellow tones instead of browns.

The right eye sees pure light!  This must be how children see the world.  It is very amusing to switch back and forth between the eyes to have  different colored worlds! Though the left eye will be re-lensed soon and I will lose the ability to have dual vision.


I love this photo!  My daughter is the one holding the dog while riding on her friend's scooter.  Her main focus is writing and studying yoga but she also tutors ESL, helps other writers with translations, and teaches sutras.  She also does humanitarian work with impoverished children and, as seen in the above photo, helps dogs.  She and her friend find the dogs and then take them for neutering and inoculations to keep down populations and improve their lives.

She says one has to be on alert when walking with shopping bags.  There are monkeys hanging out on the streets who will leap on your shoulders and head, grab the sunglasses or scarf off your head and run off.  The monkeys then proceed to bargain, offering to trade your purloined possession for perhaps a banana from your shopping bag.  They are true to their word and will return your possession after this bit of blackmail.  

AND NOW........

Wonderful additions to your stroll through town:
Before and After

That's all for this week.  Happy quilting to you until we met again!

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Sunday, March 19, 2017


Another border completed!  Both borders have been measured and sewn to their respective locations.  I don't sew the borders in place until the applique is finished as the tension of all those stitches reduce the length of the border.  The top and bottom strips have been laid down just to give you a sense of balance and direction.  The scrolly vines  on the top and bottom borders will twist and meet the vines of the side borders.  

I have used Kaffe Fassett fabric for the leaves and dots in the body of the quilt and plan to add some to the vines-not a lot but just enough to break up the greenness.  I have been looking at colorful stripes for the binding-I bought some of the green for that but now I think that is too much green.  I found this from Andover and am thinking of it as a possibility:

Each of the stripes are 1/2 to 3/4 inches wide and the fabric has the same bright colors.  if you imagine a narrow strip of this fabric  as an edge:

I like the colors and the fact that the bands are uneven-that is in keeping with the mood of the quilt as well as the black lines.  The green is the only problem.  Kaffe has some nice stripes but they are all in a limited color range.  Even the binding is an important design element!


I have cataract surgery in my right eye on Wednesday.  I am slightly apprehensive but glad.  Everything is getting so dark.  It is as if all the lights are dimming.


My blog has had visitors from two new countries:  Kazakhstan, and Columbia.  I am so happy you have stopped by to visit!  Flags have been added.  



A festival to appeal to all quiltmakers and designers: 
HOLI:  Festival of Colors

(photos from Atlantic Monthly-see more at

Holi is a Hindu festival celebrating springtime and Krishna's "pranks". Pretty colored powders are blown on celebrants or mixed with water and sprayed.  Only India would do something as wonderful as having a festival for color!

My daughter lives in northwest India in Rishikesh which is located at the foothills of the father Himalayas and near the mouth of the mother Ganges.  She has lived abroad for about 8 years spending 4 in South Korea where she taught English and wrote stories for the children to help them learn English. She has lived in Rishikesh for about 4 years where she writes and studies yoga.  Here is a photo of her at Holi 2016.

Here are some photos of Rishikesh and a map so you can find its place in the world.

My daughter walks across this bridge everyday.
The river is the Ganges.

That is all for this week!  Happy quilting to you until we met again!

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